The geotechnical engineering profession focuses on how built structures interact with earth materials. The wide variety of earth materials underlying the greater San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas require site-specific designs and evaluations.

We have extensive experience with the topography, geomorphology, bedrock, soil, and groundwater conditions in the Bay areas. From simple projects to technically challenging sites, we are able to provide our clients with practical, innovative, and cost-effective geotechnical solutions, while maintaining client deadlines. We work closely with our clients and their design and construction team to develop geotechnical solutions that are appropriate for the proposed structures and the governing site conditions.

Services That We provide

  • Subsurface evaluations
  • Foundation design criteria
  • Retaining wall design criteria
  • Excavation support criteria
  • Underpinning and/or shoring design criteria
  • Ground improvement recommendations
  • Soil/rock slope stabilization recommendations
  • Geotechnical laboratory testing
  • Geotechnical instrumentation installation and monitoring
  • Groundwater assessments
  • Groundwater control recommendations
  • Expansive soil and bedrock evaluation and mitigation
  • Settlement analyses evaluations
  • Surface water storage and on-site retention/detention
  • Forensic studies and expert testimony
  • Geotechnical plan review
  • Construction observation services and testing