The engineering geology profession focuses on the genesis of earth material and its potential to impact engineered structures. Dynamic earth processes can pose a risk to engineered structures. Geologic hazards should be identified and appropriate mitigation measures should be considered in the design and construction of engineered structures.

Clients throughout California and in other geologically complex regions can benefit from the geologic services we offer. Our geologists and engineers evaluate the potential for landsliding, fault rupture, soil failure, ground deformation and other geologic hazards. We perform careful and timely evaluations to identify hazards and provide recommendations for hazard mitigation.

Services That We provide

  • Geologic studies for hillside development
  • Geologic studies for public schools, hospitals, and essential buildings (compliance with CGS Note 48)
  • Field mapping of seismic sources
  • Fault exploration trenches and geophysical surveys
  • Site geologic maps and geologic cross-sections
  • Slope stability analyses
  • Landside identification, mapping, and monitoring
  • Landslide mitigation and slope repair recommendations
  • Debris flow evaluations
  • Rockfall analyses and evaluations
  • Costal bluff erosion analyses
  • Emergency slope stabilization recommendations
  • Geologic hazard evaluation (such as flooding, tsunami inundation, and erosion)
  • Liquefaction potential and associated deformations
  • Liquefaction mitigation alternatives