C2Earth, Inc. is a premier provider of geotechnical, engineering geologic, and construction observations services. We are headquartered in Campbell California, with a second office in Capitola to serve Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. We have decades of experience performing geologic and geotechnical investigations and construction observation services in the greater San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas.


Predecessor & Corporate History

With the goal of helping individuals and groups address geologic hazards and challenges, C2Earth, Inc. was founded by Mr. Christopher Hundemer and Mr. Craig Reid in 2011. Shortly there after C2Earth acquired Upp Geotechnology. Upp Geotechnology was founded in 1983 by Dr. R. Rexford Upp and built its well respected reputation on client responsiveness, integrity, and quality work. C2Earth, Inc.'s founders contributed two decades of combined experience and assisted with building Upp Geotechnology's reputation. While Dr. Upp is no longer affiliated with C2Earth, Inc., we remain committed to continuing the legacy and the level of service that embodied Upp Geotechnology.


Mission and Values

We provide engineering geologic and geotechnical engineering consulting services for all aspects of project development from initial site feasibility to geologic hazard analysis to geotechnical site characterization to construction observation and testing. Our guiding principles include:

Performing high-quality services and technical work
Developing practical, constructable, and cost-effective solutions
Providing timely service and client responsiveness
Committing to professional development and client education

We provide our clients with great value because both of our founders are experienced and licensed as both engineers and geologists. Through our understanding of the impacts of geology on engineering, and vice-versa, we can help expedite a project’s design phase. Our clients also benefit because we are well respected by local and state reviewing agencies. Our experience and relationships with various reviewers can help your project quickly progress through the planning and review phase. We protect our client’s interests by being thorough and detailed in our work. Additionally, as a minority owned small business with relatively low overhead, we provide a competitive advantage.


Statement of Qualifications

If you would like further information about our personnel or the projects that we have been involoved with, please call or click here to view our Statement of Qualifications.